5 Hottest Bars in Austin TX

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5 Hottest Bars in Austin TX

If you are the type who would love to have a drink or two and have fun in the night, Austin TX has a lot to offer to you. The best part of it all the bars here offer something to delight your senses. Plus, the excitement and fun you will have makes you want to go party more! Each of these spots is a great place to go after a long day enjoying your Austin boat rental service from ATX Party Boats.
Here are the hottest bars in Austin TX:

This sophisticated bar serves the best signature cocktails, with a variety of wines, and worldly popular small plates such as spicy Spanish meatballs, Greek flatbread, and many more. St. Genevieve is quite popular because it stands out from the rest of the crowd with its classy atmosphere, airy space, and with a lot of natural light. On your first visit, a signature cocktail is in order for you. This bar is located right at Rock Rose entertainment district of the Domain.

If going retro is your hype for the day, then Backbeat is for you. This pub combines hip, mid century design having a wide array of throwback cocktails and small producer champagnes and wines along with short snacks menu, giving off that quaint feel of the old days but also welcomes the new generation. The pub also offers their breezy rooftop patios where people can relax and enjoy the scene while still having the opportunity to enjoy their excellent table service and their signature Backbeat cocktail.

Want a little taste of the famous chef-prepared meals? Then come on down to Counter 3. FIVE. VII. This joint offer plenty of chairs around a counter that is shaped in letter U that has a chef at the center to serve three to  seven course tasting meals of the American cuisine and the dining area is separated from one another by glass sliding doors that provide a more subtle atmosphere. This joint offers cocktail drinks, wines, and spirits specially made by the chef at the counter. Their signature drink of this establishment is the famous white cocktail made from the well-known vermouth and with lillette and lemon.

Irene’s bar gives you a blast from the past with their classical and vintage touches like the upright piano, the pink neon signage, but also offers you a comfortable patio for lounging and relaxing. Classic American favorite meals are also here for those who want to enjoy the old taste of home like the King Ranch Chicken, Pot Roast, and a signature strawberry cake. Drinks here are very affordable and first time visitors should definitely try their signature drink, the Goodnight Irene.

Lustre Pearl Rainey serves as a reincarnation to the renowned Bridget Dunlap bar. It is now relocated in East Austin. It is such a spacious bar. It features a rooftop patio giving you a view of the city, and incorporating the original design. A must try for every customer is their house cocktails, draught beer as well as their frozen drinks along with their backyard games.

Every bar has its own house specialty drink and different services for your tastes are available so go and explore this wilderness of watering holes and find your cup of tea.

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